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High Quality Metal Decorator and can manufacturer, The Leader in Metal Packaging in Sri Lanka

High Quality Metal Decorator and can manufacturer, The Leader in Metal Packaging in Sri Lanka.

Tinpak, which commenced business in 1990, has emerged as the leader of Sri Lanka’s metal printing and packaging industry. It has built a great reputation over the years by maintaining the highest standards and offering a superior customer service.

The company has, on several occasions, received the prestigious ‘Best of Category’ Award and Award of Excellence from the International metal decorating and packaging association (IMDPA). It has also won many awards from the Sri Lanka Association of Printers and the Institute of Packaging.

Tinpak’s clients include many of the country’s leading companies engaged in diverse businesses. Among them are tea and biscuit exporters, who have been able to stave off stiff competition in the international market through the superior and attractive product packaging offered by Tinpak. The company believes that its enduring partnership and proactive approach have provided clients with a competitive edge in world markets.

Packaging materials from Tinpak have consistently stamped their class through excellent printability, strength, impermeability to light and air, extended shelf-life, durability and safety. The recyclability and bio-degradability of these materials further enhances the company’s credentials in environmental friendliness.

Tinpak has constantly upgraded their product capability through the infusion of modern technology, such as large format sheets, Anilox technology and fast output. The inclusion of a state-of-the-art food can line to produce A1 A2, A2 ½ and A10 food grade cans, together with powder seam protection units and ovens, Also we are equipped with the latest machinery such as CTP which is Computer-to-plate (CTP) is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes and with an Automatic square can line makes Tinpak the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka and one of the few in the region.

The company’s success is attributable to several factors. Among these are the stringent quality control measures followed throughout the production process, and timely delivery.

Vision : To maintain market leadership in the metal printing and packaging industry in Sri Lanka and be a dominant player in the international market.

Mission : To be a fully-integrated packaging service and solutions provider.